From high intensity spin classes to yoga and relaxation, our multipurpose group class exercise studio is a light and airy space offering over 40 group exercise classes every week. Classes are for members only, and are included in your UCS Active membership

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The studio is equipped with 23 spin bikes for a large and vibrant spin class, there's a large range of body pump and body conditioning equipment or class of up to 20 members, and our mellow lighting system enables the studio environment to be adapted for the lower impact, toning and relaxation classes including Body Balance, Pilates and 3 different types of Yogas; Kundalini, iyenger and Hatha.

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Boxercise: A high energy class combining traditional punching techniques with foot and pad work, for a great cardiovascular workout.

Adult Self Defence: Combining Karate, Kickboxing, Judo and Ju Jitsu, MMA is a fantastic, fun & areobic workout focussed on athletic coordination, speed and flexibility. Great for self- confidence and you learn the importance of discipline and a strong work ethic!

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Strength & Conditioning

Toning, sculpting and strengthening, our Strength & Conditioning group classes combine exercise and routines for a whole body workout. 


Barre Core Fitness: A unique class combining ballet and Pilates conditioning exercises, resulting in improvved postural muscles and tone.

HIIT Core: Using Swiss Balls and floor work, this class aims to maintain and build strength around the mid section of the body.

L.B.T: Legs, Bums & Tums: A lower body up-beat floor exercise workout, L.B.T tones-up, conditions and tackles problem areas.

Athletic Performance Training: This class is focused around mobility of the body, activition and potentiation. We will be addressinglimitations, increasing performance standards and general movement. The individual taking this class will feel a positive change in their performance.

Body Conditioning: A full body workout involving muscular strength and endurance to help shape and tone your muscles! Body Conditioning combines cardio and resistance work to an energetic beat to work out your whole body.

Body Pump: A fast way to shape up and lose body fat, it is a toning and conditioning class with weights.

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Designed to get your heart pumping, these fun high energy cardio classes work your body hard, burn lots of calories, improve circulation and increase lung efficiency.

Boot Camp Circuits: A circuit class designed by personal trainers. Combining cardiovascular and resistance exercises, be prepared to work hard!

Boxercise: A high energy class combining traditional punching techniques with foot and pad work, for a great cardiovascular workout.

Cardio Tennis: A high energy fitness activity that combines the best features of tennis with cardiovascular exercise delivering a full body aerobic workout.

Spinning: Indoor cycling based on outdoor riding. This class is low impact, high calorie burn and fun for all levels.

Spin & Abs: A 45 minute indoor cycling class followed by 15 minutes of toning abdominal work.

Senior Aerobics & Stretch: Low impact aerobics for over 55's to improve cardio fitness, followed by a whole body stretch to maintain flexibility.


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The ideal way to relax your mind whilst improving fitness, working out in the water strengthens and tones the body without putting stress on your joints.


Aqua Aerobics: A fun low impact class in water choreographed to music to tone and condition the muscles. 

Advanced Swim Group: A group swimming lesson for advanced swimmers looking to improve technique and speed.


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Burn the calories and work your body whilst learning some killer dance moves. Toning, strengthening and fun, dance is a great aerobic workout to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Dance Fever : An aerobic dance class with urban inspired moves and choreography, designed to entertain and offer a great workout.

Zumba: Easy to learn moves combined with Latin rhythms for an action packed cardio workout.


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Mind, Body & Wellbeing

Revitalise your body whilst relaxing your mind with a holistic class. Enhancing your overall body awareness, these classes develop strength and flexibility whilst improving posture and balance.

Pilates: A combination of floor exercises to aid alignment and breathing technique, for a leaner, more sculpted body.

Hatha Yoga: Uses bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (dyana) with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body and clear, peaceful mind. 

Yoga (Kundalini): Ancient teachings focusing on breathing, physical movements and postures with mantra to help focus the mind.

Yoga (Iyengar): Relaxing and energising Iyengar enhances vitality, flexibility and strength whilst promoting mental calm.

Body Balance: Combining the ‘best bits’ from tai chi, Pilates and yoga to improve circulation, posture and breathing..

Vinyasa Flow: A contemporary, dynamic style of yoga, Vinyasa involves synchronizing the breath with a continousflow of postures. The fluid movements increase flexibility, strenght, and stamina, and calm the mind.

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From the football mad to a budding martial arts champion – our term-time evening & weekend sports and exercise programme is perfect for kids with lots of energy!

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